LNPG Meeting 29th December 2017 LPC Announcements, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES: N Osborne, P Culver, M Ballard
The Minutes of previous meeting were approved and signed off.

2. LNPG Workshop

PM stated that at the LNPG Workshop held on 11th December it was agreed that LPC would continue to work with KCC and MBC concerning the A20 to include pressing for speed reductions/traffic calming and the construction of new roundabouts. It was also agreed that LNPG should press landowners/developers to make provision for specialist housing for those with care needs including the elderly. An opportunity should also be sought to find a site for more almshouses.

3. Follow up on meetings/correspondence with:


A meeting had taken place on 13th December with Mark Egerton and Anna Houghton from MBC attended by MC, RG, PM. PM had circulated his notes of the meeting but stated that during this meeting MBC confirmed that two Judicial Reviews had been lodged against MBLP but MBC were not able at this stage to state what impact this would have on MBLP.

MBC also confirmed they have published the CIL Charging Schedule to take effect on 1st October 2018. MBC to forward a copy of the Schedule to LNPG

LNPG agreed to ask MB to become “specialist” on S106 and CIL payments with a further meeting to take place with MB, NO, RG and PM to discuss the same.

MBC stated it was MBC’s intention to allocate £75,000 to work with LPC and KCC to produce a Transportation Study. MBC are to check procurement procedure. A meeting to be arranged with Brendan Wright and David Joyner of KCC to discuss duty of remit.

It was further agreed that LPC should discuss the position regarding open spaces with MBC Open Space Team, MBC to forward details of Open Space Team.


MC confirmed he has requested a meeting with Mr D Joyner


A meeting to be arranged with the Governors of Lenham Primary School

Network Rail

A response to PM’s communication to Network Rail is still awaited.


Aecom’s interim report not yet received.

4. Infrastructure Delivery

Following discussion, LNPG group agreed PM would contact all landowners/developers for individual confirmation that their land is both deliverable and developable and that they are committed to joint funding of studies and the joint master planning exercise for south of the railway with their written confirmation to be provided by 16th January 2018.

5. AOB

MC confirmed that the Cross has now been listed with a Grade II status

MB would be asked to obtain Land Registry documents in relation to Lenham Primary School, the Cricket Ground and proposed development sites to the south of the railway.

SM to draft a response to letter received from Mr Westwell.
RG confirmed that LPC has received a reply from KALC regarding conflict of interest.

6. NEXT MEETING: 7.45pm 23rd January 2018

LNPG Meeting 29th December 2017
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