LNPG Meeting 28th August 2018 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council) M Ballard, M Cockett, A Walmsley, N Osborne, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher


Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations in relation to the Agenda

The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true copy and signed off by MC who had chaired meeting in SM’s absence although it was noted RG had been missed off “Apologies”

The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking MC for chairing the previous meeting and PM for preparing and circulating all the documents relating to the draft Plan.


Draft Plan

PM stated that a copy of the Pre-Publication Draft Plan had been made available to MBC, KCC, land owners, developers and others who had a significant interest therein inviting their comments thereon. The draft plan was not open to the public at the present time.

LPC need to approve the draft plan and should the need arise they will call an extraordinary meeting to discuss the same.

PM is liaising with PBA regarding the graphics which need to be added to the draft plan
RG to discuss the thumbnail plans which need to be added to the draft plan with A Radcliffe.

NO will visit Lotus Printing once they have received a copy of the draft plan to discuss positioning of photographs within the plan.

Consultation Logistics

VW explained the contents of the leaflet advertising the Consultation which would be inserted into the September issue of the Focus.

Discussions then followed regarding VW’s proposed layout at the Tithe Barn on the 6th October.

The following to be actioned:

  • RG will prepare draft plan regarding the suggested forum at the Consultation.
  • Invitations be sent to Helen Whately, Shellina Prendergast, Jenny Whittle, Eddie Powell, Clive English, the Vicar, local doctors and the Police.
  • PM to invite Mark Egerton from MBC to attend.
  • NO to supply a list of all relevant parties/clubs and utility suppliers who should be supplied with a copy of the draft plan requesting their comments thereon.
  • A questionnaire form needs to be set up for the Consultation to be discussed further, MC will circulate previous questionnaire
  • A flyer promoting the Consultation to be inserted in the October issue of the Focus, needs input from members of LNPG
  • Advertisement for the event needs to be placed in local paper.

VW stated that the Tithe Barn would be available from 25th September onwards for the displays to be set up with all displays to be in place on 5th October. PM has a meeting with the Infrastructure Delivery Group on the 25th September when displays from owners/developers will be discussed.

Tanyard Farm North Application

MBC Planning will consider the revised application on Thursday 6th September. It was noted that Lenham’s Borough Councillors, the LPC and a local resident have each taken up the opportunity to appear before the Committee to articulate their ongoing objections. While TFN is an already allocated site under the MBC Local Plan it is important that, in granting the application no unhelpful precedents are set that may impact adversely on the LNP.

AOB – No matters arose
NEXT MEETING: 7.45pm 4th September 2018 MEETING CLOSED: 10.15pm

LNPG Meeting 28th August 2018
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