LNPG Meeting 13th August 2019 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

PRESENT: ​R Greenwood (Chairman LPC), M Ballard, P Culver, N Osborne, J Britt, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: ​S McKenzie, M Cockett

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST ARISING FROM AGENDA: VW declared a conflict of interest arising from land to the rear of Tithe Barn, JH declared a conflict of interest in relation to proposed development by Wealden Homes to the land behind Loder Close. NO and PC declared a conflict of interest in relation to land to the east of Old School Close.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Due to a misunderstanding the Minutes of previous meeting prepared by JB had not been circulated for approval. JH to circulate and Minutes to be approved and signed off at next meeting.

LPC/LNPG feedback from current Draft S16 submission:

PM had prepared and circulated an amended version of draft plan dated 13th August, he was amending the minor typographical errors pointed out to him but no major amendments regarding the draft had yet been received.

PM suggested an amendment to the draft plan by inclusion of Policy LVL1 – Lenham Value Landscape, this was agreed with letters regarding the inclusion of this policy being sent to landowners to the east of the village.

PM also suggested the inclusion of of Court Lodge Meadows in LGS1, Local Green Space. This having been accepted it was agreed to hold consultation regarding this from 17th August to 14th September, notice of the consultation to be placed on LPC website together with latest version of Local Policies Map and with notices being placed in the Focus and local press. Letters regarding this would also be sent to the owners of the other five areas of Local Green Space. The letters to be printed and delivered by hand with copies also going to Shallina Prendergast and New Shelf Farm.

PM to produce Documents List indicating if document completed or when document will be completed.

Lotus to be approached regarding the cost of printing the final version of the draft plan together with all reports and appendices although this could not be finalised until Sue Whiteside had had the opportunity to see and comment on the final draft.

LPC will also need to approve the final document.

Contacts with MBC re S16 submission

  • Draft Plan and associated papers -these need to be submitted to Sue Whiteside at MBC for her comment thereon prior to printing
  • Screening Report – PM stated this related to Countryside and confirmed they have now submitted a Planning Application for 136 houses
  • Call for sites – PM awaiting further communication from Mr Jarman at MBC although PM stated as soon as announcement made further talks would be held with MBC


IDG Report​: The MInutes of the IDG Meeting held on 9th July had been approved – copy attached hereto There had been a meeting of the IDG on the morning of the 13th August – the Minutes of this meeting to be prepared and circulated.

Update on Heritage Assessment – ​It is anticipated this will he received by end of current week. Update on Community Hub – Countryside Properties are setting aside an area of 6.6 hectares

and discussions are ongoing.

Further discussions on affordable housing – ​PM went through new Policy SHDS3 – Housing and Mixed Tenure in the draft plan.

Technical Development Grant ​- MB stated that arrangements had been made to discuss this

via the telephone, MB to request they contact PM for briefing.

Government changes to accountability in developer contributions – ​PM to download and circulate.

NEXT MEETING – 7.45pm 1st October 2019 at Lenham Community Centre. MEETING CLOSED – 10.00pm

LNPG Meeting 13th August 2019
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