LNP Meeting Minutes 31 January 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT – R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M McFarlane (Clerk Parish Council), M Cockett, P Culver, N Osborne, A Walmsley, H Shotter, V Woollven, J Hatcher (Minutes Secretary)


In the absence of SM, RG took the Chair

RG opened the meeting by stating that PM had said that there should be transparency as far as LNP meetings are concerned and that the Minutes and Agenda should be displayed on notice boards and appear on the LPC website. Following discussions regarding this it was agreed there should be further discussions with PM. RG also stated that LNP needs to prepare IDPs for members. MM said she already has these and will produce same for next meeting. VW suggested and it was agreed that JH should be included as a member.


1.Feedback from meeting with Maidstone Borough Council on 30/01/17

Mark Egerton and Ron Jarman were in attendance on behalf of MBC. As MBC stated they were unable to take Minutes of the meeting, it was agreed that SM and PM would do so and PM would then prepare report of meeting.

NO who attended the meeting said the important points he had taken from the meeting were:

  1. a)  MBC would attend meetings with LNP, KCC Highways, KCC Education and Southern Water with regard to the infrastructure required in relation to the Broad Location
  2. b)  MBC to advise on Open Spaces
  3. c)  MBC to look at and advise on the need and scope of an SEA
  4. d)  MBC to supply evidence of agricultural land
  5. e)  MBC to advise on need for various employment sites
  6. f)  MBC to provide copies of basic OS maps

There followed much discussion on the need for meetings regarding the infrastructure required and the importance of these. Further discussions to take place when PM and SM in attendance

2. Funding

MC stated the funding money applied had been received. He would shortly be able to apply for further funding and in this regard requires a timetable from PM

3. Meeting with landowners/agents 15th/16th February invitations

RG suggested and it was agreed that the invitation letters should be signed by both himself as Chairman of the Parish Counsel and SM as Chairman of LNP. MM will prepare

invitations and together with final list of invitees circulate the same to LNP members and PM for agreement before despatching.

4. Next Steps

i. Schedule of meetings with landowners/agents to be drawn up when responses received from invitees with 1 hour slots being available (PM and LNP representatives to meet 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after each slot) It was agreed PM plus two LNP members should be present for each meeting.

LNP members available – NO, MC, RG, SM, AW

VW would prepare refreshments with help from JH

ii. DPIs to be produced for meeting on 7th February

iii. Need to discuss/agree with PM an agenda for meetings with landowners/agents


The draft Minute for Parish Council Meeting which was circulated by MM was discussed and agreed. MC would circulate final Minute for agreement.

HS confirmed she had been in contact with AONB unit, this is still a work in progress and they would revert in due course.

MM stated that as some members of LNP committee were also Parish Councillors who attended Parish Council meetings consideration should be given to the dates of the LNP meetings.

MEETING CLOSED – 9.50 pm NEXT MEETING – 7th February 2017

LNP Meeting Minutes 31 January 2017
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