Lenham Police Briefing LPC Announcements, LPC General

Issues to note:

There have been an issue recently of bogus callers targeting the elderly/vulnerable. We would ask that home-owners do not let people into their homes that they do not know. Please check everybody for ID. Please be wary of anybody knocking on their door and offering services, if any doubt ring the Police.

We’ve had one report of a burglary of a shed – padlock was broken and many items of tools, petrol mowers/strimmers were reported stolen. Crime prevention advice was given by my-self.  

There was reports of youths hanging around the church, I have linked in with church leaders and the vicar who said there was nothing happening just a little concern.

Points of interest

Hare coursing on insecure fields or fields that are easy to access. There have not been any reports but when they do come in a relatively large impact is felt throughout the village. Significant financial loss can be incurred by the vehicles damaging crop. The rural task team are deployed to these calls when they are on duty. Most smallholdings/farms have direct contact with the rural team via mobiles.

I would like to encourage villagers to report suspicious vehicles 

Things to consider when deciding if a vehicle is suspicious:

  1. Is the vehicle passing by properties, gateways or outbuildings slower than necessary?
  2. Does the vehicle have headlights on during darkness?
  3. How many people are in the vehicle?
  4. Are the occupants paying more than the usual amount of attention to the surrounding area?
  5. Is the vehicle suitable to the area? For instance is a hatchback driving on a road/lane/track that is only suitable for a 4×4/hardy vehicle?

The above are just a few factors to consider. 

Prevention is the message I would like to put across. Make valuables, equipment, vehicles and properties as secure as possible, within reason. I am not advocating spending hundreds or thousands on security equipment, I am simply requesting that doors are locked, security lights are on, alarms are set and valuables are kept in suitable locations.

Maidstone Neighbour watch web-site is a very good for security advice and security equipment

Lenham Police Briefing
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