Lenham Neighbourhood Planning Meeting 9th July 2019 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Present: S Mackenzie (Presiding Chair), Cllr R Greenwood (Chair LPC), Cllr N Osbourne, Cllr J Britt, V Woolven, P McCreery, P Culver 

Apologies; Jill Hatcher, Cllr M Ballard, Cllr M Cockett, Cllr A Walmsley

Item 1: disclosure and declarations of interest. 

VW declared a conflict of interest relating to the Land to the rear of the Tithe barn.  No other conflict or disclosures were noted. 

Item 2: minutes from last meeting – accepted as correct. 

In the absence of JH, JB agreed to take and circulate minutes. 

Item 3: agenda Items

The NPG discussed progress from the recent IDG.  It was agreed that work towards creating and adopting a Statement of Common Ground would be continued in line with the ambition of presenting completed Regulation 16 Draft to MBC by the end of September (see reference below under timetable for submission). 

Master planning: as agreed PM had arranged a meeting with SW (MBC) which is scheduled for 17 July. It transpires that there is no further funding available from MBC to assist the Master planning process although the services of a new Officer, Austin Mackie (AMc), were offered to facilitate tasks should that Assistance be required.  PM to monitor. 

Timetable for submission: The items required for submission were discussed.  Of the six specific appendices needed four are complete (Agricultural / Land Quality; Viability Assessment; Transport and Parking; Housing Needs assessment – all of which are in circulation in draft form for comment).  Of the two outstanding appendices, Heritage Assessment and Landscape, there was a discussion relating to expediting these at pace to ensure they are ready to meeting the agreed time line. PM confirmed that consultant time had been reserved in August for completion of the final draft of the Landscape assessment in order to accommodate feedback from MBC relating to the LLLA.  Action PM to follow through.

The meeting agreed to confirm that the LLLA should follow the historic and documented profile to the Parish boundary, mirroring references in existing MBC documents.  There was also agreement to include the area known as Court Lodge Meadows as local green space, to delete two other areas within the AONB which are highlighted in the Reg 14 Draft, land around the Cross and the part of the Pilgrims Way byway east of Faversham Road to the adopted part of Pilgrims Way leading in the direction of Harrietsham, as both these areas have sufficient, existing protections.  

This was agreed as a recommendation by the LNPG.  PM to action. 

Heritage Assessment: completion / updating of this is outstanding and there was a recommendation from the LNPG to LPC that a resource to undertake this is agreed to ensure this is produced in line with the agreed time frame. Action LPC

It was agreed that PM would collate all existing and required draft documents in preparation for the next meeting of the LNPG and immediately prior to submission.  PM to action. 

Current work plan:

Documents prepared for submission end of August 2019 – word draft of all reports / updates to be submitted for circulation to LPC / IDG members in advance

September – submission to MBC – after which MBC has six weeks for “validation” – all processes after this point are within the remit of MBC however there are statutory time frames laid out within which these processes need to be completed.

Other related issues:

The potential for some kind of community hub within the site currently being proposed by Countryside, along the lines suggested by Borough Cllr Janetta Sams, was discussed. This could potentially be run as an adjunct to Lenham Community Centre. There is a “window of opportunity” whilst the planning proposal is still under detail development which needs to be explored to provide facilities for the likes of youth groups (Cubs / Brownie etc.). Action SMK RG, NO.

JB reported that his discussions with West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (WK CCG) had produced some responses.  The CCG was now aware that more detailed responses relating to the provision of Primary Care in the area would undoubtedly be required at inspection. The CCG has confirmed it will now be working with Len Valley Practice to undertake a service review which will be shared with LNPG once completed.  The CCG is aware of the short time scale within which this information is likely to be required. JB to follow through.

NO raised the issue of what constitutes “affordable housing” and it was agreed to reflect on what the most practical way to ensure that social housing was truly affordable might be in conjunction with all parties and include that in the eventual housing policy adopted by LPC. 

At his meeting with SW (scheduled for 17 July) PM said he would press for advance information relating to the call for sites recently undertaken by MBC.  Without this understanding it was proving challenging to understand the landscape within which the LNPG is operating. Action PM.

No other business – the meeting closed at 22:10h

Date of next meeting; 13 August at 19:45h.

Lenham Neighbourhood Planning Meeting 9th July 2019
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