Lenham Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 31st July 2018 Report LPC Announcements, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: ​S MacKenzie (Chairman presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

Declarations of any conflict of interest – PC stated that his wife currently occupies the most

senior position at Lenham Primary School

The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed off by RG, SM having tendered apologies for previous meeting.


TANYARD FARM. PM stated that nothing new appears on MBC Website regarding this

Application although it is understood that new plans/amendments will be forthcoming.

LNPG still has unanswered questions, no response has been received to PM’s letter of 23rd July, PM will again request MBC for transparency regarding the methods MBC uses to calculate open space requirements.

TRANSPORTATION STUDY ​- PBA are on target to complete the study within the time frame given being the end of August. PBA have been invited to give a presentation to the next Infrastructure Delivery Group meeting.


The next meeting of the Infrastructure Delivery Group will take place on 2nd August

Master plans – Further information is awaited with regard to the master plans in relation to housing numbers and open spaces

Correspondence with SWS​ – A response is awaited to PM’s correspondence to SWS

EDUCATION – Correspondence has now been received from KCC regarding primary school provision. The decision regarding where provision for the increased intake in primary school pupils will be rests with KCC and whilst LNPG maintains the additional intake can be dealt with by way of expanding the present school, the LNP will need to safeguard a site for a new two form entry primary school.

PM will redraft the Education Section of LNP.

NETWORK RAIL – This is work in progress, no response having been received from Network Rail.

STATUS OF SEA – MC will write to AECOM informing them of current position enclosing a copy of the July 2018 Update.

JULY 2018 UPDATE – This has now been finalised, circulated to various interested parties and will be loaded onto the Parish website.

Availability of School​ – Not yet confirmed

Graphics ​- It was agreed that VW and PM would visit Lotus Printing to discuss assistance with graphics for draft LNP.

PM would be preparing contents of draft LNP and circulating in readiness for discussions

VW to arrange meeting with Parish Clerk and others to (a) discuss flyer to be inserted in the September issue of FOCUS and (b) structure and layout for the consultation.

RG suggested and it was agreed that a forum should be organised at the consultation to answer questions.


PC had been requested to raise the question of a new building for the nursery school which is presentlyannexedtothePrimarySchool. Itwasconfirmedasitehasbeenidentifiedwithinthe Local Policies Map but this would need further detailed consideration.

PC had also been requested to raise the possibility of a site for a new swimming pool as the one presently located next to the Lenham School needed a considerable amount of work. it was agreed this was a matter for further discussion.

7.45 pm 14th August 2018
7.45 pm 21st August 2018
7.45 pm 28th August 2018

MEETING CLOSED ​- 10.05 pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 31st July 2018 Report
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