Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 7th July 2017 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

9.30am 7th July 2017

The Granary at Court Lodge Farm



Present:- Sandy MacKenzie, Valerie Woollven, Paul McCreery, Henny Shotter, Mike Cockett, Nick Osborne, Richard Greenwood and Martin Porter (Minutes)

Apologies:- Paul Culver, Jill Hatcher, Margo McFarlane and Alistair Walmsley.


1a. Site Proposals- The Barr Land

Following the meeting with Andy Barr and their Agent, details have been received proposing 85 – 100 houses at a density of c 30 dph, football pitches and substantial screening.

After discussion it was proposed that amendments be suggested including limiting development to 85 dwellings, incorporation of 3 football pitches and a 0.5 hectare area for a children’s playing area.

F.A guidance on pitch size would be sought, and a gap between the pitches and behind the goal posts would be mandatory. At present they cannot be fitted in on the proposed site.

The Football Club will be consulted on their aspirations before the next meeting of the NHP Group.


A preferred outcome would be as follows:


  1. Limit the amount of development to 70 – 85 dwellings at 30 dwellings per hectare, which would be 2.3 – 2.8 hectares.
  2. Increase the extent of the area of playing pitches by including all the field between the proposed housing and the proposed 3 playing pitches for use as general recreation ground with potential for tennis and possible cricket at some stage in the future.  It was noted that no funding was needed for a clubhouse.
  3. Include provision for children’s play (0.5 hectares) within the scheme, possibly within the area discussed in 2. above.
  4. Increase the area of the 3 playing pitches to the south west so that it has a direct boundary with the John Bailey land to allow for possible future extension and/or the provision of a more direct means of access to the centre of the village. LNP would like a 15m wide planting behind Burnside.
  5. Seek to secure long-term security over the retained land between the pitches and the railway so that there should be no development on that land for the next, say, 50 years.
  6. Separate discussions should take place, not linked to the Neighbourhood Plan, in relation to the cricket ground and the ‘Swamp’.



1b. Site Proposal – Little Gaynes

LNP group is opposed to development north of the A20. Guidance awaited from MBC.


  1. Draft Distribution of Sites as attached to email dated 28th June 2017

Modification of numbers of houses in different areas discussed with Paul McCreery (PM) to produce an amended distribution. Kent Wildlife Trust to be consulted on their views on development encroaching on Kiln Wood. PM to set up meeting with Countryside. PM / VW to set up meeting with KWT.


  1. Draft policies for the 2017 Neighbourhood Plan
  • Need to list and distinguish between our policies (land use) and objectives and aspirations then discuss with MBC to secure their buy-in
  • Protection of the Square is a major consideration but the Neighbourhood Plan can do little in terms of traffic movement and parking. This is an LPC issue but LNP can draw attention to known problems and the need for LPC/MBC to resolve them.
    • Mike Cockett to explore securing a quote for electronic monitoring of the Square car park.
    • LPC has a committee currently considering parking.
  • KCC in discussion with LPC regarding speed control on the A20.
    • PM will approach Harrietsham to discuss the A20 traffic situation.
  • Primary School. We have three options concerning Form of Entry. This should be put in the LNP, followed by public discussion. Our preference is for one Primary School. It is possible that the Primary School could be incorporated into Lenham School.
  • A minimum of 5.3 hectares of Green Space is required on the west. Sites are possibly close to Dickley Wood or to break up the proposed housing areas. The (Pitt field has 1.67 hectares)
  • Loder Close to be developed after 2021 subject to all requirements being met.
  • Possible new car park in the Knight site at the station. Paul to set up consultation with Network Rail and get a map showing the culvert.
  • HS to investigate.
  • LNP 12. Needs redrafting to include English Heritage, traffic management, electronics etc.
  • Possibly remove.
Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 7th July 2017
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