Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 25th April 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018




PRESENT:     S Mackenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), N Osborne, M Cockett, H Shotter, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES:  A Walmsley, M McFarlane



  1. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed off 
  2. Implications of further communications from MBC regarding Lenham Storage and Aliaxis. Following much discussion in connection with the implications of correspondence with MBC concerning these two sites, it was agreed that further communication/meetings should be arranged with these companies in order to progress LNP.

    VW stated that she had recently been in contact with David Elvin QC and updated him on the LNP and suggested the LNPG should ask for his input regarding correspondence concerning these sites.

  1. Contact with owners/developers

    a) Towers family
    PM has arranged a meeting with all members of the family
    b) Barton Willmore regarding Sandpits PM has arranged a meeting with them

    Both these meetings to be held on 9th May,  held separately and in private as per previous meetings with owners/developers.  NO would book rooms at Community Centre

  1. Infrastructure issues – including feedback from

    a) Lenham School
    RG confirmed he was in receipt of the relevant contact details and he will pursue meeting with the Lenham School.
    b) Lenham Surgery PM to progress this
  2. Next steps re housing allocations This is ongoing
  3. Feedback re CIO Foundation Trust The four original Trustees had forwarded all requested information and documentation to Gill Turner & Tucker, the next step is to  prepare the draft terms of the Object of the Trust, the contents of which to be agreed by LNPG before finalisation.  NO suggested once the Trust was set up an advert be placed in the Focus inviting all those interested in becoming Trustees to a meeting when all relevant details would be discussed following which further Trustees would be appointed.
  4. AOB

    a) Electronic Archive MC stated that he would be able to deal with this once he has received notification of the documents to be stored therein.

    b) LNPG Constitution RG had prepared draft Constitution, JH to type same up and circulate for approval.  RG confirmed he had also prepared Minute regarding this for LPC.

    c) Parking/Traffic Management RG reported LPC are looking at several different sites in connection with parking facilities.

    d) Feedback re questions put to Andrea Leadsom MP VW stated that there had been insufficient time to put questions to Andrea Leadsom at the lunch.  VW confirmed she will forward the questions by letter to AL following the election


RG had drafted letter to Helen Whateley inviting her to attend a meeting with LPC and LNPG following the forthcoming election., the contents of which were accepted by LNPG.

VW stated that she had recently contacted David Elvin QC and updated him with current position of LNP.

PM stated that he had contacted Mr Tattersley (a landowner within Lenham Parish who had made contact via MM) and updated him with regard to LNP.





Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 25th April 2017
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