Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 23rd October 2019 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018

Present: S Mackenzie (Presiding Chair), Cllr R Greenwood (Chair LPC), Cllr N Osbourne, Cllr J Britt, V Woolven, P McCreery, Cllr M Ballard, Cllr M Cockett

Apologies: Jill Hatcher, Cllr A Walmsley, P Culver

Item 1: disclosure and declarations of interest.

VW declared a conflict of interest relating to the Land to the rear of the Tithe barn.  Cllr M Ballard declared an interest in the outcome of the Green Space consultation. No other conflict or disclosures were noted.

Item 2: minutes from last meeting – accepted as correct.

In the absence of JH, JB agreed to take and circulate minutes.

Item 3 Update / feedback on the Reg 16 submission documents: The draft masterplan created by AECOM was discussed.

  • It was noted that there were some discrepancies within the tables in section 2, specifically referring to recording the area pf open and green space
  • In Plan 1 – Site 1 Masterplan it was noted that there is an incorrect allocation of shading describing housing around Tanyard Farm
  • In Plan 2 – Sites 2 / 3 & 4 there were also discussions relating to the notation of provisional offsite road in the area described as “housing allowed under appeal”
  • In Plan 3 – Sites 5 / 6 & 7 there was a discussion relating to the way the service road is set out at the A20 end of site 5 where it crosses site 7. There was also a discussion and an agreement to remove the road which has appeared which connects site 5 with site 6. This has not appeared on any previous plans. It was also noted that the housing pattern along this stretch of road has been altered, by AECOM, and should be returned to the original proposal as per the pre-application drawings
  • In plan 4 these alterations need to be replicated in the overall plan

ACTION: PMc to follow up these changes / alterations.

The final draft of the Landscape Assessment Report was also considered. The Lenham Local Policy Map was reviewed and agreed.

It was noted that once the alterations have been made all the NP documents will be submitted to Lenham Parish Council at the Full Council meeting on 6 November for formal acceptance. The documents will then be dispatched to MBC for Regulation 16 scrutiny. ACTION LPC

In advance of this PMc will ensure that the Parish Clerk has the full suite of final documents for circulation. It was agreed that these would be circulated to all Parish Councillors ahead of the Full Council meeting on 6 November with a request from the Clerk for confirmation from each Councillor that they had been received. It would then be assumed at the Full Council that all Councillors had seen and read the documents prior to discussion and agreement.

PMc will chase the outstanding documents, specifically the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) from AECOM, to ensure that the suite of documents is complete and ready for submission.

Item 4 Next Steps: PMc had prepared a summary of the next steps and this was discussed. All items listed, apart from item 3, were discussed and agreed.

Item 5 AOB: it was agreed, given that the emerging plan for development at Lenham Heath is now in the public domain that there would be a discussion between the Parish Council and the emerging action group (Save Our Heath Land – SOHL) to explain the coverage of the NP, the context within which it has been created and where the new proposed development sits / relates to it. ACTION LPC to discuss and agree a way forward on this issue.

It was agreed that a number of copies of the plan would be produced: 120 A4 copies of the overall plan (summary) for public distribution; 20 A3 copies of the Masterplan and Landscape Assessment; 20 A4 copies of the Transport Assessment and the SEA. ACTION: NO agreed to obtain quotes for the printing costs.

Date for next meeting: Thursday 21 November 19:45 at the Community Centre, Lenham.

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 23rd October 2019
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