Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 22nd August 2017 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: S Mackenzie (Chairman Presiding), N Osborne, H Shotter, V Woollven, J Hatcher APOLOGIES: R Greenwood, A Walmsley, M Cockett, P Culver, P McCreery
1 The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as true copy and signed off.
2. Noting of correspondence/communications with:

a. Lenham Sandpits (Barton Wilmore)

SM stated an email had been received from H Edwards on behalf of Lenham Sandpits in which they confirmed they are preparing map in readiness for the consultation on the 16 September. The email stated they had had a conversation with Sue Whiteside at MBC. SM, in the absence of PM, will contact S Whiteside regarding this discussion. LNPG agreed a question would be included on the questionnaire regarding this land for the public’s consideration on the 16 September.


PM had invited all three owners/developers to a meeting to discuss a masterplan incorporating all three sites, no response has yet been received from the Towers family. Peter Court had supplied a plan linking the Russell’s land and the Knight’s land but LNPG were seeking an updated masterplan linking all their sites.

There had been no further communication, LNPG were awaiting plan for display on the

16 September.


A positive response has been received from the representative of the Barr family. There followed lengthy discussions and it was unanimously agreed that in principle the proposals were acceptable, PM would be requested to liaise with Mr Dean on points of detail. It was agreed by LNPG that, as requested by the Barr family who had indicated some concerns regarding floodlights, a question would be included in the questionnaire for the 16th as to whether floodlighting was supported in this area

As yet no response has been received to the letter send by PM to Mr Bailey

3. Locality Technical Package re SEA
Nothing to report as MC who is dealing with this matter was not at the meeting having tendered

his apologies.
4. Supporting Background Report re Local Green Spaces PM had amended this Report and circulated.
HS has enhanced the same and forwarded a copy to PM. Action Points

(i). NO will speak to MC regarding the map which needs to be included in the Report.
(ii) SM will deal with formatting the document
(iii) PM had Indicated that Woodside Green was in private ownership, this was being checked prior to finalisation of the Report.
(iv) It was agreed that a photograph should be included on the cover sheet, HS will deal with this.

Report to be finalised by Friday 25 August. 5. Amended Draft Policies
PM had amended the document and circulated Action Points

(i) SM will deal with formatting the document and revisit the Preface
(ii) It was agreed the front cover should include a photograph, HS will deal with this. (iii) A plan needs to be inserted prior to finalisation.

Document to be finalised by Friday 25 August
Supporting Background Report on Strategic Infrastructure

It was agreed that this document should also be finalised in readiness for circulation and also display on the 16 September

Action Points
(i). SM will prepare Preface for the Report

(ii) HS will deal with photograph for front cover Report to be finalised by 25 August.

HS and NO will arrange to visit Lotus regarding preparation for printing of the three documents. Lotus would be asked to provide proofs to be circulated to the LNPG for final agreement before printing in readiness for circulation on 31st August.

NO confirmed he had a list of recipients and would deal with circulation 6. Public Consultation

VW stated that publicity documentation and the distribution thereof was all in hand, M McFarlane was organising the printing and the distribution of pamphlets both by means of the Focus and door to door.

VW suggested and it was unanimously accepted that a dummy run should take place at the Granary

Action Points

(i). VW will deal with obtaining measurements for school hall
(ii). SM stated LNPG needs to know exactly how many A1 size charts there will be with each landowner/developer having been requested to supply one chart together with other explanatory charts.
(iii) VW is looking into the costing and sizing of additional display boards.
(iv) SM will prepare questionnaire for the event.

RG had put forward a draft document regarding traffic and parking for the Consultation. It was agreed that this would be discussed at a later meeting

It was agreed the suggestion put forward that a question and answer session for members of the public unable to attend on the 16th or who had further questions following the consultation event should be organised for the 26th September from 6pm to 9pm at the Community Centre.

7. AOB
There was nothing arising
29 August LNPG meeting 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre MEETING CLOSED: 10.30pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 22nd August 2017
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