Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 16th May 2017 LPC General, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), Mike Crockett, N Osborne, P Culver, H Shotter P. McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: S McKenzie, V. Woollven AGENDA

1 M inutes of previous meeting were accepted and signed off by RG in absence of the Chairman

2. Communications with any infrastructure providers including Lenham School and the surgery

Lenham School – RG stated that Mr Ashdown, CEO of Invicta would like to have a meeting at 5.00 pm on 6th June. In attendance from LNPG would be RG, NO, PC and PM. NO would arrange to book a room at the Community Centre

The Medical Centre – PM will make contact asap

3.Moving forward with draft NP

(a) Cycle rides within the Parish. NO stated that there was no where within the village to locate cycle paths apart from the A20. LNP needs to incorporate the community aspirations with regard to cycle paths. It was agreed that cycle pathways is something which should be incorporated into Master Planning.

(b) PM’s report concerning ownership of land/open spaces to be created/housing numbers achievable Following much discussion PM will correspond further with MBC regarding the possible housing numbers achievable

Draft brief to Shelina Prendergast local representative to KCC . MC stated this was work in progress. It was agreed that she should be invited to a meeting at Lenham

5. Foundation Trust . J Hunt of Gill Turner & Tucker had been on annual leave and had not reverted as yet with the draft documentation to be approved by the Trustees. Once the documentation had been approved this would then be submitted to the Charities Commission.

6. AOB

RG stated that he had received a response to the letter to Helen Whately which stated she would be pleased to attend a meeting following the forthcoming elections.

4. Following discussion regarding PM’s draft representation to the proposed modifications to Maidstone’s Local Plan, he would revisit the same and amend. This will be sent on behalf of LPC.

Following discussion it was agreed that PM would correspond further with Lenham Storage. LNPG Constitution . This needs to be addressed at next meeting.
NEXT MEETING: 6 June 2017

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 16th May 2017
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