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Note of Meeting held on Tuesday, 13thMarch at 10.00 a.m. at the offices of DHA, Maidstone.


Present:           Paul McCreery, PMC Planning for Lenham Parish Council

Toby Hudson, Countryside

Greg Lundrum for Countryside

Matt Woodhead DHA for Countryside

Mark Bewsey, Countryside

Tim Dean, for the Barr family

David Knight

Guy Dixon, Savills for Knight

Barry Russell

Peter Court, PCA for Russell

Andrew Lawrence, for Russell

Barry Chamberlain, Wealden

Nick Osborne, Lenham Parish Council

Mike Cockett, Lenham Parish Council

Stephen Bradley, Chief Exec, icosa Water

Robin , icosa


Apologies were received from David Stewart of Jones Homes.  The Meeting noted this was the third consecutive meeting that Jones Homes had not attended.


The Meeting noted that the Towers/Eastwood ownership was also not represented.


  1. Foul Sewerage


icosa were briefed on the LNP and 4 parties agreed to cooperate in funding a Drainage Study (Barr, Wealden, Countryside, Knight).  It was noted that two of those parties (Barr and Wealden) probably did not need to participate in a Drainage Study but they had agreed to cooperate in the spirit of delivering a Neighbourhood Plan for Lenham.  It was agreed that LPC should not fund this study because of the fee expenditure they were experiencing in preparing LNP.  That left two parties (Russell and Towers/Eastwood) who were refusing to fund this item to assist in the delivery of the Plan.  It was noted a new legal drainage regime commenced on 1stApril 2018 which gave private sector companies the opportunity to work alongside SWS.


  1. Transportation


MBC had offered LPC a grant of £75,000 to fund a Transportation Assessment of LNP.  After some discussion the meeting questioned whether this could be achieved.



The grant has been agreed and consultants have been invited to make submissions to undertake the Assessment.


  1. Education


Further discussion with KCC indicated to LPC that there was not sufficient justification in planning terms for LNP to identify a 2.1 hectare site for a two form entry Primary School (2FE).  The existing Lenham Primary School site was large enough (in the opinion of LPC) to deliver Primary Education needs during the lifetime of LNP. Peter Court helpfully suggested a consultant (Heather Knowles) who may assist in this matter.  Education Contributions would be dealt with by CIL in any event and not by S106 contributions.


  1. Masterplanning


Countryside had agreed to update their Masterplan, excluding the site for the Primary School  (see 3 above).  A Masterplan had been produced for the sites South of the Railway and was tabled at the meeting.  PMcC indicated that subject to fine tuning (and confirmation of deliverability) the Masterplan was going in the right direction.


  1. SEA


A Project Brief for the SEA had been produced by AECOM.  Work was ongoing with AECOM to identify and test various alternative strategies for delivering 1000 dwellings.  These alternatives would need to include fall-back positions to cover the situation that one or two key sites proved to be undeliverable. LPC was undertaking a round of meetings with certain landowners to ascertain which of their land was deliverable by 2031.


  1. Network Rail


PMcC to prepare and circulate a Technical Briefing Note on the difficulties with securing assistance from Network Rail.  That note to be circulated to KCC and the local MP in a bid to secure greater cooperation.



Briefing Note has been drafted and will be circulated by 20/4/2018. It will also be used to brief Consultants on the Transportation Assessment.


  1. AOB – CIL Contributions.


It was noted that CIL contributions in Maidstone would be roughly half of those calculated as necessary in Medway.


AOB – Work Programme


In view of the need to prepare a Transportation Assessment (identified as necessary by MBC in October 2017 and funded by them in March 2018) it was noted that the publication of Regulation 14 draft LNP would need to be put back to August 2018.


  1. Next Meeting


10.00 a.m. Thursday 7thJune 2018.


Paul McCreery

17thApril 2018

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Infrastructure Delivery Group
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