Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 5th September 2017 LPC Announcements, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), N Osborne, M Cockett, P Culver, H Shotter, V Woollven, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: R Greenwood, Alastair Walmsley, P McCreery
The Minutes of previous meeting were accepted as true copy and signed off.

The Chairman opened the meeting by saying this meeting was to deal solely with the Public Consultation arranged for the 16th September unless any urgent matters arose

2. Charts/maps from landowners/developers:

Land to the east of Lenham. The Barr family/their representatives had supplied maps and charts

Land to the south of the railway . Maps and charts had been received linking the Russell’s and the Knight’s land but nothing further. PM had arranged a meeting with the landowners and their representatives for the 11th September

Land to the west of Lenham. No further maps or charts had been received SM will speak to the landowners/their representatives.

3. Charts/maps from LNPG:


What’s Changed . SM had produced and circulated draft document. After discussion it was agreed this needed to be slightly amended. SM will make the agreed changes and then forward the document to PC to increase font size and change from portrait to landscape

Allocation map. This map was complete and printed
Questionnaire . SM had produced draft document and circulated. After discussion it was agreed to make amendments. SM and JH to liaise regarding the agreed amendments, this would then be passed to MC to put the document in questionnaire format. MC would then circulate same for approval. Any feedback on MC’s document to be forwarded within 24 hours.
Bullet point document re Local Green Space . It was agreed not to proceed with this document
Bullet point document re Housing Policies . NO had forwarded draft document which SM had amended. NO will produce final document.
Other charts and maps.

Bullet point document on Infrastructure Policies. SM had amended draft produced by NO Map of Parish
Map of whole borough
Drawing map of old Lenham

Lenham now and in th epast

Photographs to be displayed
The photographs had been downloaded to Dropbox

4. Equipment for event. VW stated this was all in hand. NO would be supplied with a list of equipment required from the Community Centre. NO will have all this ready for collection on Friday 15th September.

5. Manpower for the event . VW will collate a list of both LNPG members and volunteers available to help on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.

6. Date for “dummy” run. This has not yet been finalised 7. AOB

It was agreed that Lenham Football Club should be invited to have a stand at the event. NO will approach the Club

VW stated there was a further meeting with the volunteers at the Granary on Sunday 10th September

8. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 12th September 2017 8.00 p.m. at The Granary MEETING CLOSED: 10.45pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 5th September 2017
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