Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 29th August 2017 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council) N Osborne, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: A Walmsley, M Cockett, H Shotter, P McCreery
The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true copy and signed off 2. Locality Package re SEA
There was nothing to report on this. Matter to be carried over
3. Noting of further correspondence/communication from:

(a) MBC . SM had been unable to contact Sue Whiteside of MBC regarding Lenham Sandpits


(c) Peter Court/the Russells. They have submitted plans linking the Russells land and the Knights land but LNPG are seeking an integrated plan showing all sites south of the railway and PM has indicated that the plans submitted do not show enough protection for Kiln Wood. A further meeting with them has been arranged.

(d). The Towers Family . They have been invited to attend the meeting with the Knights/the Russell’s and/or their representative as LNPG would wish for a masterplan to be prepared linking all their sites.

(e). Countryside Properties. Their representative has confirmed they will be supplying charts for display on the 16th September

(f). The Barr Family LNPG has been supplied with a comprehensive set of diagrams, maps and plans.

Wealden Homes have indicated they will produce chart regarding the land to the west of Loder Close

(g). Mr John Bailey . It was agreed that to the knowledge of LNPG no response has been received from Mr Bailey to PM’s letter dated 18th August.

4. Finalisation/Printing of

(a) Supporting Background Report re Local Green Space It was agreed this document was ready for printing

(b) Draft Policies It was agreed the Preface needs slight amendment as does Policy LS1 – Lenham Square. SM will redraft same and forwarded to NO in readiness for printing.

(c) Supporting Background Report on Strategic Infrastructure – It was agreed this document was ready for printing

NO will attend Lotus in connection with the required printing, it was agreed that 50 copies of each document should be printed, printing to be completed by close of business on Thursday. NO will deal with the circulation where possible by email, PM having previously supplied a list of necessary recipients. The covering draft letter to the recipients prepared by NO was agreed stating that comments need to be received back by 30th September being forwarded to NO.

These three documents to be downloaded onto LPC website by 1st September.

VW will arrange for the documents to be displayed in local outlets.

NO will visit local businesses informing them of the consultation.

5. Document regarding traffic/parking for discussion at the consultation event

It was agreed that this is mentioned in the policies. It was further agreed that there should be a specific question regarding parking/traffic within the questionnaire for completion by the public.

6. Public Consultation

Following much discussion the draft layout for the LNPG display was agreed although this cannot be finalised until LNPG are aware of the charts to be displayed from the landowners/developers. The landowners/developers would be asked if they could provide freestanding boards to take A1 size charts, they would each be given the opportunity to display two A1 charts.

LNPG suggested charts/plans:
“What’s Changed” document to be displayed at both entrances to hall – SM will produce

draft document
Allocation Plan a copy of the document to be displayed at each entrance – NO will ask Lotus

to print 3 A1 copies
Map showing walking times from the square
Consultation documents with photographs displayed

Documentshowingopengreenspacesinbulletform-NOtoprepare Documentshowinghousingpoliciesinbulletform-NOtoprepare

All charts and documents will need to be finalised before “dummy run” being organised by VW at The Granary

VW will organise A1 sized table top display boards for LNPG plans and charts
VW collating information regarding equipment required for the day to liaise with NO regarding

the sourcing of the same from the Community Centre
VW to liaise with Justin Smith-Essex regarding the wording for two popup banners which he has

offered to provide
SM will draft questionnaire for completion by the public

VW is having a further meeting on 3rd September with the volunteers helping set up on Friday night/Saturday to sort out roles for the event.

Nothing arising
8. NEXT MEETING. 5 September 2017 8.00pm Lenham Community Centre MEETING CLOSED . 10.40pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 29th August 2017
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