Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 18 July 2017 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES: S McKenzie, H Shotter
The meeting commenced at 8.20 pm due to a previous open meeting regarding The Meadows

Trust and four members of LNPG are the original Trustees thereof. PM chaired the LNPG meeting due to the absence of SM.
Public Consultation

There was considerable discussion regarding the proposed Public Consultation regarding the draft Plan organised for the 16 September which is to be held at Lenham Primary School in conjunction with their Harvest Fayre. VW stated that there was a meeting arranged for the 19 July with Lenham Primary School to discuss the final arrangements of the joint venture. Drafts of posters and leaflets advertising the event would be circulated for approval. The costing of the the posters and leaflets which the Parish Clerk had sourced with Focus is to be discussed at Parish Council meeting on the 19th. VW distributed notes of previous meeting with the school and also notes of items which needed to be put in place. Further discussions to take place at next LNPG.

Meeting with the Barr family and representative.

A further meeting had taken place although Mr Barr Junior was unable to attend. No definitive agreement was reached. The Barr family and their representative will revert with reformulated offer. PMwillcommunicatewithrepresentativerequestingaresponsewithin10daysasLNPG needs to prepare draft Plan.

Lenham Wanderers FC

PM stated that a meeting had been arranged with the football club to discuss matters.

Communications with MBC

PM confirmed that correspondence with Maidstone Borough Council (Sue Whiteside) was ongoing and MBC are at present trying to secure funding for an SEA. MBC had also confirmed that in principle they do not object to housing development to the south and west of Lenham.

Meeting with Helen Whateley

PM confirmed that a meeting had taken place with Helen Whateley, arranged at short notice, during which she was updated as to the current position with LNP

Meeting with Tom and Jeanette Same

A meeting had taken place with Tom and Jeanetta Sams to discuss a joint approach to A20 Traffic Management wherein it was agreed that a speed watch initiative should commence in both parishes. It was also agreed that discussions should continue and

there should be a joint up view of the cumulative effect of proposed housing on both villages.

Forthcoming meetings

PM stated that the following meetings have been arranged:

(a) 19 July with the Towers family
(b) 26 July with Countryside at their offices in Maidstone

Work progress

PM stated it was his intention to get draft plan out with as many supporting documents as possible before 16 September.

It was agreed that PM should have a meeting with Focus Printers in order to sort out requirements as far as they are available. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk should be asked to organise the same.

NEXT MEETING: 1st August 2017 at 8.00 pm MEETING CLOSED : 9.40 pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 18 July 2017
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