Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 17th July 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: R Greenwood (Chairman LPC), A Walmsley, M Ballard, M Cockett, P Culver, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: S MacKenzie, N Osborne

In the absence of S MacKenzie, R Greenwood took the chair

No conflicts of interest were received arising from the Agenda

The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed off.


Matters arising not on the Agenda

RG stated that, as far as LPC were concerned, following correspondence between LPC/ICOs office regarding Mr Ambrose, the matter was now closed.

MC raised the question of deferring discussions regarding Neighbourhood Development Order and following much discussion it was agreed this was not a suitable route to follow at this stage although RG would make preliminary investigations with regard to suitable applicants to carry out such a task should either the LPC or LNPG decide to go down this route in the future.


Tanyard Farm . No new plans had been submitted. A meeting had taken place with MBC following PM’s correspondence to them with R. Timms, M Egerton, S Whiteside and Tay Arnold attending forMBC. LNPGstillhasunansweredquestionsandPMwillwritetoMBCrequesting an example of the mechanisms of how they go through the process of the open space requirements. T Arnold to provide dates for a further meeting in relation to CIL/Section 106 payments.

Transportation Study . PBA are on target to complete this within the time frame and have issued an interim Report. A fee proposal has been received from PBA for a parking study. This cost of this would be provided within the funding from MBC and as such approval for the parking study is awaited from MBC.

Infrastructure Delivery . The next meeting for the Infrastructure Delivery Group has been arranged for the 2nd August.

PM has received master plans necessary to underpin LNP but is seeking further information in relation to proposed housing numbers/open spaces.

PM to communicate with SWS regarding the necessary action required by them to deliver increased capacity at the waste water treatment works necessary to serve the envisaged levels of development.

Education . A brief response has been received from Jared Nehra at KCC stating he would be providing a formal response to PM’s communications.

Network Rail . A response is still awaited from Network Rail. At the recent meeting with MBC, Tay Arnold suggested writing to South Eastern Trains (Nina Peak) , this is matter to be further discussed at next meeting with Tay Arnold.

Communication with MBC . See Tanyard Farm above


  • PM had prepared and circulated draft Mid-July 2018 Update, the final version to be widely circulated, forwarded to consultees, added to the website also circulated via the Focus. It was agreed any comments/amendments/additions to be forwarded to PM by Monday 23rd July.
  • PM raised the issue of assistance he will require with graphics, it was agreed that necessary enquiries would be made regarding such assistance.
  • P Culver to check availability of school for 29th September being the suggested Public Consultation date

    Next Meeting: 7.45pm Tuesday 31st July 2018Meeting Closed: 10.00pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 17th July 2018
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