Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 14th November 2017 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A. Walmsley, N. Osborne, P Culver, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES: M Cockett, V Woollven Resignation of H Shotter

The Chairman noted that in an e-mail dated 9th November 2017 H Shotter had tendered her resignation from the LNPG.

LNPG Workshop
PM had circulated hand written notes of the workshop which took place on 6th November. PM

to prepare and circulate typed notes.
PM had prepared an Action List following the workshop, the content of which was discussed

and agreed.
A further LNPG workshop to take place on 11th December at Lenham Community Centre. NO

to book room

PM to arrange a meeting with MBC to seek to clarify the issues raised by them in respect of the Pre-Regulation 14 Draft Plan to include CIL Infrastructure, Special Landscape Areas and Open Space Calculation

PM confirmed a meeting has been arranged with Network Rail to take place at London Bridge on 21st November. NO confirmed he would attend meeting with PM.

PM to arrange a meeting with Shellina Prendergast to discuss KCC Highways and KCC Education Issues.

RG stated that the PC have arranged a meeting with MBC and Harrietsham PC regarding A20.

RG confirmed a meeting has been arranged with the Headmaster of Lenham School together with a Mr T Ashdown on 22 November, RG, NO and PM to attend

Meeting with developers/owners

PM confirmed a meeting had taken place on 1st November. PM to prepare notes of meeting. The production of master plans for land to the east, south and west is in hand. The developers/landowners have confirmed that land surveys as required by Aecom are being organised. A further meeting to discuss progress has been arranged for 6 December.

PM drew attention to the Technical Note Highways Infrastructure Report received from DHA date October 2017.

AECOM visit/meeting

PM confirmed that following the meeting and the request by Aecom he had prepared an Alternative Strategy Development Plan for LNP. This has been forwarded to Aecom with a request that Aecom provide LNPG with a draft of their report as soon as it is available.

Communications/dialogue with Mark Boyd

It was agreed that following various communications with Mark Boyd PM would contact him with an invitation to attend a meeting with PM to explain the background to LNP and the making of the plan.

Management of Conflicts of Interest
Following discussions it was agreed that LNPG would continue with procedures which have

already been adopted being the same procedures as LPC.


RG stated that in the context of a letter to him on another matter Helen Whately had stated she would like to be kept updated on the progress of LNP and in this regard it was agreed that she should be invited to a meeting to discuss LNP.

Next Meeting – 5th December 2017 7.45 pm Lenham Community Centre Meeting Closed – 10.10 pm

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 14th November 2017
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