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Over the next few weeks those in the area of the Cross on the Pilgrims Way may see teams working, these teams are from the Community Pay Back programme and are working with and on behalf of the Parish Council.  The Council has worked with Community Pay Back before; the last collaboration was at the cemetery which was very successful.

The Council is aware that the maintenance of the Cross is of importance to the Parish, not just as a reminder of the fallen but it has become a symbol of the village. Up to this point the Cross has been tended by volunteers however some of the work now required is a bit too “heavy duty” to expect volunteers to undertake, so the Community Pay Back programme has agreed to become involved and a schedule of works has been drawn up with the Parish Council providing the materials. It is hoped that the major improvements, including the seating area just below the cross and some landscaping to allow easier and safer access to this area, will be completed by the Autumn.

This project in no way excludes future volunteer groups working with the Parish Council to continue the long established tradition of parishioners looking after the iconic Cross.

If you would like further information, please contact  John@lenhamparishcouncil.org.ukor the

Parish Clerk, Margo McFarlane, at hello@lenhamparish.org.uk.  01622 859682 (Mon-Fri. 9am -1pm)

John Britt 

Lenham Parish Council 

Lenham Cross
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