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Kent Mineral Sites Plan Options – Consultation

Early Partial Review of the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan – Consultation


The Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 (KMWLP) was adopted by the County Council in July 2016 as part of its statutory responsibility to plan for future mineral supply and waste management within Kent.  The KMWLP sets out the Council’s strategy and policy framework for minerals and waste development in Kent which includes future capacity and supply requirements until 2030. It also commits the County Council to identifying and allocating land considered suitable for minerals and waste development in separate Waste and Mineral Sites Plans. As part of this the County Council is now consulting on Minerals Sites Options and a Partial Review of the KMWLP until 29 March 2018.

In preparing the Sites Plans, planning policy requires that the Sites Plans must be ‘justified’ and that the allocations properly reflect requirements for mineral and waste management capacity. A review of need and capacity requirements has therefore been undertaken to inform the Sites Plan work.  This work supports the need for a Mineral Sites Plan to provide sites for soft sand and sharp sands and gravels but suggests that a separate Waste Sites Plan is not required.

Kent Mineral Sites Plan

Following a call for sites in late 2016, 19 mineral sites were nominated for consideration. These have been subject to initial assessment and 9 sites have been identified as potential sites (known as ‘Site Options’). To confirm their suitability these 9 Site Options will undergo detailed technical assessment and sustainability appraisal. To inform the detailed technical assessment stage views are now being invited on the Mineral Site Options. One of those sites lies within your parish and I attach details of the site and a summary of the initial site assessment process. Further information including details of the consultation is available via this link: Please note that at this stage these sites are not allocations and the further detailed technical assessment work will confirm their suitability or otherwise for future allocation.

Partial Review of Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan

In terms of the Waste Sites Plan, a recent review of waste capacity requirements revealed that the KMWLP requirement for such a Plan was no longer justified and so an early partial review of the KMWLP is required.

A key driver for the review of waste requirements was the implementation of a planning permission for a significant new waste facility at Kemsley with a capacity of some 500,000 tpa very shortly after the adoption of the KMWLP.  This means that the amount of existing waste recovery capacity used to inform the approach in the KMWLP is no longer robust. This, as well as other elements of the review, suggest there is sufficient capacity to meet waste management needs for the duration of the plan period and so a Waste Sites Plan, is not required. The County Council therefore proposes not to prepare a Waste Sites Plan but instead to undertake a partial review of the KMWLP to modify various waste policies removing references to a Waste Sites Plan.

In addition, experience of implementing the mineral and waste safeguarding policies has highlighted some ambiguity in the wording of the exemptions from safeguarding which hinders their effectiveness.  Minor changes are therefore proposed to policies DM7 and DM8 of the KMWLP as part of the Partial Review of the Plan.

Details of the consultation relating to the Partial Review of the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 and supporting information can be viewed via the consultation portal at the following link:

The County Council welcomes your views on the Mineral Site Options, the proposed changes to the Plan’s policies for waste management and minor clarification to the safeguarding policies as set out in the Partial Review of the KMWLP and the supporting documents. The consultation closes on 29thMarch 2018. Comments can be submitted using the online form, by post to the address above or by email to

Finally, I attach a site notice raising awareness of the public consultation.  I would be grateful if you could make arrangements for this to be displayed on the Parish Council notice board

Should you wish to speak to a member of the team or would find it useful for them to attend your parish council meeting when you consider this matter, then please contact us on 03000 422370 or email

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Kent Mineral Sites Plan Options – Consultation
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