June Crime Stats LPC Announcements, LPC General

· 26.06.2019 – Criminal damage, Roebuck Public House- Altercation outside pub, police attended arrests were made – ongong investigation
· 18.06.2019 – Bilking, BP Garage, Theft of goods  
· 25.06.2019 – ABH, Roebuck Public house, Altercation outside pub, police attended arrests were made – on-going investigation13 – 14 June – Theft From building site, The paddocks (greenwood home investment)- Fence damaged and theft of tools 
03.06.19 – Theft From building site. Highbourne park, Theft of building materials
03-04 June  – Burglary, Building site Rayners Hill, Fences cut store and rest room damaged
24-25 June – Theft From building site, Lenham school (Baxall Construction), metal container broken into, Numerous building tool and equipment stolen
21.06.19 – Shoplifting, Co-Op Store, theft of meat, baby powder and electrical items- under investigation
19-20 June – Theft from motor veh, High street, Car broken into and Theft of loose change
13.06.19 – Burglary,  Lenham Antiques, Male distracted shop keeper whilst second male stole purse, Police and CSI conducted area search/Investigated/checked CCTV but No further lines of enquiry
04.06/19 – Shoplifting, Co-Op store, theft of ready meals· 
03.06.19 – Shoplifting, co-Op store, theft of low value goods  

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:. Report of group of youths loittering – inf said that they were not up to anything just hanging around.I drove around to different area in Lenham where youths normnally hang around on Friday eve and there wasn’t anybody around.     
June Crime Stats
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