July 2014 Full Council Meeting Minutes LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT    Cllr. C Gillett, Chairman presiding.
Cllrs. A Barr, N Godfrey, R Greenwood, S Knowles,
J Osborn and I Younger.
M McFarlane (Clerk)
PCSO D Rowley, Martin Sherwood Community Warden.
Borough Cllr. J Sams. Cllr. D Oversby, representing Harrietsham PC.
6 Members of the public.

Mr. George enquired when minutes should be on the notice boards, the Clerk confirmed minutes are available for public inspection following signature as a true record.

Mr. Llong highlighted concerns about the lack of sufficient parking facilities at the railway station, he requested MBC planning department are made aware of infrastructure improvements required before future housing development.  Mr. Llong also queried if the use of nets between the proposed development at the United Reform church and the cricket field would resolve the problem of stray cricket balls landing in neighbouring gardens.  Cllr. Greenwood confirmed nets do not necessarily prevent such instances.

Cllr. Gillett welcomed Mr. Culver who has shown an interest in joining the LPC by co-option.

PCSO Rowley reported nine crimes during June and confirmed the speed watch team would be active next week.  Cllrs. highlighted concerns relating to response times to events in the parish.
Martin Sherwood had recently delivered Electrical Safety leaflets throughout the parish; he also reported on changes to statutory rights concerning cold calling, an electronic copy of the details will be sent to the Clerk.

REPORT FROM COUNTY CLLR. WHITTLE   No report as Cllr. Whittle sent her apologies.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm

14/25             APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Cllrs. E Drylie (holiday) M Jackson (family commitment) N Willis (unwell)
Cllr. M Thompson HPC.  C Cllr. J Whittle (work commitment)

No disclosures or confidential items on the agenda.

Mr. L Porter presented himself for selection as a member of the LPC.
Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Barr seconded and it was RESOLVED to invite Mr. Porter to join the council.  Mr. Porter signed the declaration of office and joined fellow members.

14/28                    MINUTES
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 4th June 2014 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.

Cllr. Gillett reported the Len Bus project still provides a weekly service using a local taxi firm.  There has been no further correspondence with the insurance company to date.

Land used for allotments has been added to the sites available for development, it is hoped to set up a dialogue with the St John Ambulance Brigade (land owners) to discover the plans for the site.

Cllr. Barr enquired when the data from the A20 speed survey will be available.  We await details from Cllr. J Whittle.
A    Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Gillett
The fence between Robins Close and the High Street has not been repaired as agreed with KHs, Clerk will enquire when repairs will take place.

The laptop for the CCTV image downloading has been purchased.

A meeting with KHs for a street lighting audit will be organised.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting on the
18th June 2014 be approved and adopted.

B        Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Godfrey
2000 leaflets to advertise the NHP public exhibition have been inserted in the Focus magazine.  Thirty posters will be displayed throughout the parish plus two A1 boards with details of NHP exhibition.
The visual presentation of known and potential development sites will also include the opportunity to discuss infrastructure concerns.  Cllr. Barr highlighted the possible loss of green spaces within the parish.  B. Cllrs. will be asked to raise the concerns of development to MBC planning. Cllr. Sams suggested compiling a ‘wish list’ of infrastructure requirements.
21st July a workshop will be held to discuss the future of the NHP with facilitators provided by MBC.

C                      Groom Way development    Report by Cllr. Osborn
A site meeting between Golding Homes MBC planning officer and LPC will be organised
to discuss the three proposed local needs housing units.

Monies from the sale of the land at Groom Way will pay the Public Works Loan Board debt
outstanding on the Community Centre, completion of the sale should be finalized during July.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on
18th & 30th June 2014 be approved and adopted.

D    Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Jackson
Cllr. Gillett presented the report on behalf of Cllr. Jackson.  The petition for the speed reduction on the A20 is being collated for presentation at the next LPC meeting.

Cllr. Jackson will meet the KHs steward on July 4th.  Cllr. Barr will also attend.
Research into the viability and costs of placing Speed indicator devices (SID) is being undertaken by Cllr. Jackson.

E    Law & Order.                         Report by Cllr. Godfrey
Response times to incidents in rural areas will be an agenda item at the next forum meeting. Following which a letter will be sent to Kent Police and Hugh Robertson MP.

A request has been received from Boughton Malherbe PC for the siting of a HGV weight restriction sign on the Headcorn Road near the railway bridge.  Cllrs. agreed this site was unsuitable due to the lack of turning space.  Clerk will inform BM PC of decision.

F    Web-site Development          Report by Cllr. Drylie
Cllr. Osborn reported on behalf of Cllr. Drylie. KCC have recently upgraded the original LPC site.  Cllr. Osborn will ensure the parish plan is uploaded onto the new site.


G        Environment                  Reports
Cllr. Greenwood will provide a quote for tree surgery to the Yew nearest Forge House, he requested Cllrs. inspect the tree and express their opinion on the best options to make safe.
A meeting will be organised to discuss the hedge clearing alongside Forge House.
A thank you card will be sent to J A Boyd for the excellent wall repairs recently undertaken at the churchyard. The sheep will be returned to the church yard following shearing.

Cllr. Greenwood with contact P Goodwin to complete phase two of the repair schedule to the
Skate park equipment.

Cllr. Gillett proposed, Cllr. Osborn seconded and it was RESOLVED to instruct S Waring to undertake restricting mole damage up to £150.  The use of ferrets to decrease the rabbit population is preferable to gun use.
Cllr. Barr reported the picnic site has a wonderful display of wild flowers in the meadow.
An article in the Focus will be organised to advertise this community asset.
Cllr. Godfrey will contact Golding Homes concerning excess water to the rear of garages in Napoleon Walk.

Cllrs. Godfrey and Knowles attended a training session at the Town Hall concerning planning
procedures which they found useful.

Cllrs. Gillett and Porter will attend the next training session at Lenham Community Centre.

14/33    ACCOUNTS
Cheques for consideration and payment 2nd July 2014
Lotus Design & Print posters and leaflets.        4343             188.00
R James Fencing Repairs to Ham Lane play area      4344             432.00
Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.
DD Scottish Power WCS electricity                    15.00
DD EDF Energy pop up power                    10.00
DD EDF Energy Street lighting                          123.30
DD MBC Cemetery rates                        88.00
No monies received

Cllrs. Oversby & Sams reported on HPC funding received for youth projects and the Big Gig.
St John Ambulance property development are corresponding with the Allotment Association.

Cllr. Gillett proposed, Cllr. Godfrey seconded and it was RESOLVED to accept the offer of the gifting of Glebe Pond to the parish from the landowners by unilateral undertaking.
Clerk will write and inform Sibley Pares of the decision; Cllrs. Barr, Greenwood and Porter will meet with Tom La Dell to finalize structure and scope of environmental works.

Cllr. Jackson offered to be the village handyman.  This will be discussed further at F & GP.
KCC definitive map of rights of way is available for inspection.
Cllr. Gillett will invited the director of Westmount Packaging to a planning meeting.
M Jarrett has declared a formal interest in joining the LPC by co-option.

Fence replacement at the cemetery correspondence with neighbouring resident discussed.
Original deeds will be located and advice sought re-responsibility of boundary fence.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm

July 2014 Full Council Meeting Minutes
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