Interim findings from the examination of the MBC local report LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018

This paper has been produced to address a number of main matters which have been discussed at examination hearings to indicate where main modifications may or may not be required to make the Plan sound. It does not cover every matter but it provides a broad overview. It is also intended to assist in identifying where further work may be needed to support an update of the proposed changes that have already been prepared by the Council and which will form the basis of draft main modifications to the Plan (to be supported by revised sustainability appraisal) which would then be subject to public consultation. Such main modifications are also likely to include additional and typically more detailed matters which have previously been the subject of changes proposed by Maidstone Borough Council. These have been the subject of discussion at Examination hearings.

These are interim findings only. Final and fuller conclusions on the matters and issues referred to below will be set out in the Final Report at the end of the Examination process.

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Interim findings from the examination of the MBC local report
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