Your Parish Council Meetings

The Lenham Parish Council holds regular Parish Council, Planning and Finance and General Purpose meetings and welcomes all parishioners to attend and participate in the public sections of these meetings .

Meetings are held in the community centre and start at 7:30pm

Parish Council first Wednesday of the month (except September)

Planning Committee first Monday of the month (except Bank Holiday)

Planning Committee third Wednesday of the month followed by Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting.

For more details contact the Parish Clerk

01622 859682 (during o-ce hours)


Meeting Times 2015

The members of the above committees and our spokepersons for other topics are as below

Finance & General Purposes Committee


Chairman of Parish Council

Vice Chairman of Parish Council

Chairman of Planning

Cllr. R Greenwood

Cllr S Knowles

Cllr N Willis

Planning Committee/Neighbourhood Plan

FIRST MONDAY (Except bank holidays)


Cllr. N Godfrey (Chairman)

Cllr. C Gillett

Cllr. R Greenwood

Cllr. S Knowles

Cllr. J Osborn

Cllr. N Willis

Cllr. M Jerrett (co-opted)

Spokespersons for Environment Matters

Trees, Open Spaces & Street Cleaning      Cllr. R Greenwood

Cherry Downs Picnic Site                            Cllrs. A Barr & R Greenwood

Cemetery                                                         Cllrs. A Barr, R Greenwood & J Osborn



Spokespersons for other topics

Law & Order/CCTV                                         Cllrs. N Godfrey & P Hewish

Transport                                                           Cllr. P Scrivens

Web-site                                                             Cllrs. J Osborn, P Hewish, M Homes

Disability Issues & Health

Youth & Recreation (Playground)

Swadelands School                                           Cllr. R Greenwood

Lenham Primary School                                 Cllr. P Culver

Len Valley Business Association                   Cllr.  J Osborn

Community Centre                                           Margo McFarlane (Clerk)

KAPC/CPRE                                                       Cllrs. C Gillett & R Greenwood

Community Hub                                                Mr J Bone on behalf of LPC

Local Needs Housing Group                           Cllrs. A Barr & J Osborn




Cllr. C Gillett is LPC Chairman

Cllr. L Porter is LPC Vice Chairman

Cllr. N Godfrey is Chairman of Planning Committee