Finance & General Purposes Report 16 March 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Report of the Lenham Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee held in the community centre on the on 16th March 2016


Present                      Cllr R Greenwood, Chairman

Cllrs M Cockett, J Nye, P Scrivens, N Osborne, H Shotter,
A Walmsley, M Ballard.


  1. To Accept apologies for absence
    Margo McFarlane – Clerk
  2. Disclosures and confidential items on the agenda
    Apart from the known and agreed interest in respect of the Village Hall none were declared
  3. Environmental works and project updates
    a) The Chairman reported the quote received to remove 3 ghost willow trees from the Glebe pond to make the area safe. It was agreed to recommend to the LPC that this work should be undertaken.
    b) The quote for the replacement of the planter in the square outside the library was noted and it was agreed to recommend to the LPC that this work should be undertaken.
    c) Cllr Nye had obtained 3 quotes for the design and plans for the Public toilet refurbishment. The EPS quote was regarded as the one that should be recommended to the LPC. However an alternative suggestion was made by the Chairman that on the basis that we would be spending a considerable sum on the building owned by MBC that perhaps we should consider an alternative. He suggested that if MBC could be persuaded to sell the plot of the existing toilet and split the proceeds with the LPC that the LPC could build a new toilet block on land it already owned at the entrance to the Car Park. This building could perhaps have a council office above. It was agreed that before we went further with the refurbishment that the Chairman and Cllr Nye should meet with MBC to discuss the issue to see if they would be willing to agree to the proposal regarding the sale of the plot.
    c) Cllr Osborne stated that he had met with the manager of the NatWest bank in Bearsted who had asked him about the possibility of parking the mobile bank in the Square over the lunch time period rather than the Hall car park as had previously been agreed by the Hall trustees. The general consensus was that this would be impracticable as it would take up too much space and impinge on the extra business taken on by the post office. It was agreed however that the Post office would be approached and asked for their opinion. Councillor Osborne agreed to discuss further with NatWest Bank where their customers mainly come from (outside the village by car or walking from within the village)
    RBS were also due to give a talk on Internet scams to Lenara.
    c) Cllr Walmsley reported that he had agreed a possible location for the Headcorn Road speed restriction sign with B Llong. He stated that he was still awaiting further information from Swarco but that he considered that we should proceed with a leaflet drop to the immediate neighbourhood. The Parish clerk had advised him that the leaflets should be printed and that she would organize this. It was agreed to proceed with the production of the leaflets. He was asked to check if the flashing signs could be turned off for a period during the night.
    d) Cllr Scrivens explained the finger post project in a bit more detail explaining that 2 businesses could share a finger post and reduce costs a single “finger” costing in the order of £160. The Chairman thought it appropriate that all signage should be the same and supported the project. It was noted though that the existing Chilston Park sign would have to be changed to allow this. It was agreed that Cllrs Scrivens, Nye and Greenwood would approach Chilston and the others (surgery, Chinese restaurant etc.) to see if they would agree to be part of the project.
  4. Accounts
    a) The SAAC audit arrangements were discussed – it was agreed in line with the advice of the Parish clerk that we should continue with the existing arrangements under the new organization. This decision had to be passes transmitted to SAAC by the parish Clerk before the end of March.
  5. b) Cllr Cockett stated that if we were to obtain the grant in respect of the work carried out by the Kingsley Consultancy that he would require a pro-forma invoice from the Consultancy before the end of the month. He was asked to arrange for an invoice before the end of the month covering the existing work and a pro-forma invoice covering work still in the pipeline but not yet able to be invoiced.
  6. Correspondence received
Finance & General Purposes Report 16 March 2016
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