Finance & General Purposes Meeting 28th October 2019 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Finance and General Purposes Committee Monday 28 October 2019 Minutes of meeting

Present: Cllr R Greenwood (Chair), Cllr A Walmsley, Cllr M Ballard, Cllr A Ratcliffe, Cllr N Osborne, Cllr M Lowe, Cllr M Cockett, Cllr J Britt

Apologies: Mrs. M McFarlane , Cllr P Scrivens Declarations of Interest: there were none.

Maintenance work and project updates:
Cllr Lowe will be leading on getting the large poppy into the church grounds in time for the observation of Remembrance.
Cllr Lowe has also been overseeing the redecoration of the telephone box in the Square and will be contacting Visit Kent and KFAS for tourist information sources and methods of display / providing information.

Cllr Britt reported that following a conversation with the Community Payback Team the maintenance works to the Cross would now be taking place on Wednesdays rather than Saturdays as originally suggested. Cllr Britt will inform when the works are now likely to start.

Cllr Britt reported back on an initial conversation with J Myers relating to the Lenham Nursery and that further information on the position would be available in November following a further meeting of the Trustees.

Cllr Walmsley reported that phases 1 & 2 of the highways improvements at Faversham Road / A20 have now been completed although some of the repeater 50mph signs along the A20 have still to be installed. The flashing 50mph reminder sign has been installed west of the Faversham Road junction. Works along the Old Ashford Road to repair potholes have been scheduled by KCC Highways and the barrier which was stolen at the end of the pathway linking Old Ashford Road to the Community Centre / doctor’s surgery is also scheduled for replacement.

Cllr Ratcliff reported that a presentation on the options for the public toilets would be made at the next full council meeting (6 Nov). The Chair asked Mrs McFarlane to arrange a meeting with MBC Property Manager to discuss the freehold of the toilets.

Skate park: it was agreed to accept the quote for £950 to demolish the skate park on William Pitt Field.

Draft Budget:

A draft budget was discussed. The details will be set out in a separate table with comments for discussion by Full Council. Allied to the budget there was a discussion about recruiting addition resource to deal with the increasingly complex daily running of the Parish. It was agreed to include finances within the draft budget to facilitate this expansion of the Parish’s resources.

Precept Required

Following the discussion of a draft budget a potential precept calculation was arrived at. This will be discussed and considered with the draft budget.

Proposed projects:

There was a discussion relating to new / proposed projects. It was agreed that these would be described within a separate table which would detail the likely cost of each, the likely timeframe (i.e. which budget year) and the likely funding source. It was agreed that removing these essentially capital items, which may well straddle financial years, from the annual revenue budget would make understanding and tracking progress of both clearer.

Bank reconciliation
This was agreed as circulated. There being no other business the meeting closed at 21:50.

Signed as a true record this day 6th November 2019

Finance & General Purposes Meeting 28th October 2019
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