Finance & General Purposes Meeting 21st September 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Report of the Lenham Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee

held in the community centre on the on 21st September 2016


Present                      Cllr R Greenwood, Chairman

Cllrs  J Nye, P Scrivens, N Osborne, A Walmsley, M Ballard


  1. Apologies for absence
    Margo McFarlane – Clerk Annual Holiday
    Cllr M Cockett – in Hospital
  2. Disclosures and confidential items on the agenda
    None were declared
  3. Environmental works and project updates

    a) The Chairman stated that he would need to arrange meetings to take the possible re-siting of the Public Toilets further, he said that currently there was not much progress.

    b) The problems both of litter and hedge / tree trimming were discussed. The Chairman was of the opinion that the current ad hoc arrangements were inadequate and that perhaps for next year we should recommend to the full LPC that a contractor be appointed to carry out this work on a regular “as needed” basis. It was agreed that the current arrangements were inadequate and that this would need to be debated further by the full LPC.
    Walmsley stated that further to his email about tree branches hanging down in the Ham Lane Playpark that the Primary School governors had themselves trimmed back the worst of the offending trees but that the tree at the entrance to the Playpark (growing within the Playpark) still needed to be trimmed as it was obscuring the LPC noticeboard and almost at head height over the Public Pavement. It was agreed that this would be added to the list of outstanding trims needed.

    c) Cllr Nye was still progressing the Parish Council “tourist” website but was still undecided about which web site quotation to progress. He was asked to consider and respond to the email received earlier on 21st stating the funding for Parish Council websites was available from the transparency fund for applications made before 17th October.

    d) Cllr Scrivens reported that he was ready to order the Village finger posts and that most of the Village traders had come on board. He stated though that he still needed to know what signage the LPC itself would require. It was agreed to raise this question at the next LPC.
    It was agreed that the use of Logos on the finger posts would not be allowed (but what about the station finger post?). Once the finger posts were in place the local businesses would be asked to remove their “A” boards though Cllr Osborne asked that this should not be considered a priority in view of the likely effect of the Co-op on the other traders.

    e) Cllr Osborne reported that the Xmas light installation and “switch-on” celebration teams had reached agreement and that the event would take place this year. He was not so confident about the future though.

    f) Cllr Walmsley reported that work to upgrade the Ham Lane Playpark had been underway for the previous 2 weeks. He was hopeful of completion within the next few working days with only the bolting of the apparatus to the already “in place” anchors and a site clean-up still to take place. He stated  that it had been necessary to replace the safety tiles with continuous wet pour under the replacement roundabout and that this would increase costs. The safety tiles themselves had in previous years been re-laid to minimize trip hazards but were now curling at the edges and were unlikely to provide a long term solution if re-laid again. He stated that the project should still be within the sum provided under the 106 monies but that the margin for any additional expenditure invoiced by Wicksteed over their original provisional budget quote was now reduced.
    He said that in future maintenance monies for the Playpark upkeep should be included in the annual budget with a view to over time replacing all the existing safety tiles on both Playparks as they continued to deteriorate.

    g) The email by Cllr Walmsley regarding the impending destruction of the LEA planters was noted. The Chairman was to meet B Llong the next day to work out an interim solution to leave the planters in place. It was thought that the existing LPC Public Liability Insurance Policy could be extended to cover the planters assuming that this was not already the case. It was noted that we were now at the end of the growing season and that nothing more would be required from the 2016 budget but that for next year there would need to be firm arrangements put in place if the planters were to be continued.

    h) Questions of speeding on the Headcorn Road (including the death of a dog at Platts Heath) were deferred to the next full LPC meeting. Cllr Nye thought that there would be a delegation from Platts Heath at the open session of the LPC.

  4. Accounts
    With the absence of the Clerk nothing was available.


  1. Correspondence received
Finance & General Purposes Meeting 21st September 2016
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