Finance & General Purposes February 17 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


ON WEDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2016 at 7.30pm.



Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Jerrett, N Osborne.

Cllrs. M Ballard, J Nye & H Shotter were also present.

Mrs M McFarlane (Clerk)



Cllrs. A Walmsley (work commitment) M Cockett (recuperating)


No disclosures or confidential items on the agenda.



Maidstone Road car park, the position and schedule of works to install the new litter bin is being overseen by Cllr. Scrivens.  A quote for re-positioning the planter, recently dislodged, outside the library is awaited from S Waring.

Following the site meeting in The Square with MBC on Monday 11th January a report has been received from MBC covering the services provided by the borough which have no cost to the parish and which extra services could be offered with associated costs.  Cllrs. discussed options for improvements to street furniture, bins and signage.

Cllr. Scrivens has investigated new finger post signs in traditional black and white and will present the costs (approximately £500) at the full LPC meeting for consideration.  He suggests signage for the WCs and LCC. He also requested we consider improved signage for Maidstone Road car park. (The Clerk presented Cllr. Scrivens suggestions in his absence)

Cllr. Greenwood recommends an overall standardised plan for The Square improvements be drawn up for further consideration and costings.

The gent’s WC is now fully operational with a new toilet to replace the damaged unit in the cubicle.  Thank you to the parishioner who installed the unit at no cost to the parish, apart from the purchase price of £45.00.

The cycle rack in The Square has been damaged, Clerk to request MBC repair/replace.

Clerk to request site meeting with KCC highways to discuss concerns relating to the dangerous bend on Old Ashford Road approaching The Square.



The picnic site is undergoing a general tidy up by the work group previously working at the cemetery.  The Clerk has received a request for the provision of a bin at the site from regular visitors to the site.  The three-month trial without bin facilities is now over.  This will be reviewed when future consideration is given to the overall site planting and maintenance programmes.

Cllr. Greenwood reported the fallen tree on the path at the picnic site has been fully cleared and the clearance of trees and vegetation to open up the views from the site has been completed.  Debris from the works will need clearing.  A report will be made to the Community Warden concerning evidence of shooting activities at the picnic site.


Cllr. Nye reported on a site visit at the WCs to discuss upgrading the facilities.  A quote from an architect to redesign the interior of the building and make provision for disabled facilities will be discussed at the next LPC meeting.  The quote will be circulated beforehand.

Cllrs. Nye & Greenwood met with the Deputy Chief Executive of Leeds Castle to seek advice about promoting Lenham as a tourist destination.   Leeds Castle web-site could be used to advertise the village and in the future perhaps a village tourist web-site could be considered.

Cllr. Shotter suggested improvements to the LPC web-site should be considered to make the site more user friendly and informative.

The Clerk will invite Falcon Ltd to the next F & GP meeting to discuss options.



No cheques for payment.



The Lenham Post Office will be modernised to a new main style branch and provide

opening hours. The Post Office will be closed for the refurbishment on Tuesday 15th March and Wednesday (until 1pm) 16th.

Cllr. J Sams provided a copy of S106 Sums Held by Maidstone Borough Council from recent developments.  Consideration to expenditure on improvement projects will be discussed for recommendation to LPC.

The meeting closed 8.35pm


Finance & General Purposes February 17 2016
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