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  1. Lesley

    Hi there
    I saw the minutes of the April LPC meeting on a board in the village yesterday (the latest minutes on the website here seem to be from February?). Anyway, the April minutes said that there was about to be a request going out for somebody to maintain the website. I’d like to tender for this – can you point me to where I can find the brief from which to put together a bid?
    (Wouldn’t an advert on the front page of the website be a good idea?).

    1. Jeremy Osborn Post author

      Hi Lesley,
      At present there is no formal bid process brief for people wishing to tender for maintaining the LPC website.
      I suggest that you contact the Parish Clerk, Margo McFarlane via expressing you interest in maintain the site.
      Thank you
      Kind regards

  2. Lesley

    Hi there – “Maintenance Contract for Lenham Parish Website”: I emailed Margo: apparently there is a Schedule of Works which is the same as the Maintenance Schedule and something with regard to this contract was going to be discussed at a meeting on 6 June (I don’t know what this meeting was, only its date, there’s nothing else here that I can find about a 6 June Council meeting). Margo told me she would make sure I, and “all interested parties” got a copy (of the Maintenance Contract/Schedule of Works I think). Anyway, thanks for the pointer. Margo was very helpful. Lesley

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