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Welcome by Chairman of the Parish Council

As Chairman of Lenham Parish Council it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Second Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.

You may recall that the Localism Act came into force during the beginning of 2012 and it was decided that the Parish would seek the views of Parishioners. The Parish commenced its Neighbourhood Plan process in 2012, holding a meeting with Maidstone Borough Council and registering the Neighbourhood Plan, with the Plan area being the whole of the Parish.

Following this meeting a number of people put their names forward to form a Steering Group to progress the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish also set up sector work groups called the HIVE groups in the disciplines of Housing, Infrastructure, Village Life, and Economy, the main objectives being to gather data and to find out from Parishioners their needs and wishes for future development, if any, within the Parish. A Housing Needs Survey also has been carried out.

In September 2014, following a tendering exercise, the Parish Council awarded a contract to Designscape Consultancy Ltd to turn the aspirations into workable documents and to ensure that proper procedures were followed. This led to the production of a number of important documents including the Baseline Landscape Assessment and the Baseline Urban Design Assessment. Public meetings were held, including a stall to raise awareness at the Lenham Market on 9th November 2014, a main Public Consultation Event at the Community Centre on 16th November, followed by a feedback consultation event on 23rd November 2014 and on 21st February 2015, a presentation of the HIVE reports. These were well advertised around the Parish and on the Parish Council web site, where all the above documents are available in the public domain.

On 2nd April 2015 the Parish submitted the first draft Neighbourhood Plan to Maidstone Borough Council.

Election day on May 7th 2015 allowed the team to present a consultation event held in the Tithe Barn, this was very well attended & many comments noted.

The plan document was thoroughly reviewed by the Borough Council during the summer & formal feedback was provided to the Lenham team representatives on 5th August 2015.

This second draft was prepared by the Team led by Mr. Sandy McKenzie and incorporates all of the feedback received from Maidstone Borough Council, the Communication event on 17th October 2015 was planned to provide another opportunity for community comments.

The Parish Council and the Steering Group believe that the preparation of the plan has been an opportunity to create something beneficial for the people of the Parish and at the same time provides an opportunity to allow it to grow whilst at the same time protect the unique heritage of Lenham and its setting in relation to the Landscape features of the North Downs AONB which forms a significant part of the Parish.

The Parish Council would like to thank the Steering Group members, HIVE work group members, and the people of the Parish for their input during the process.

Colin Gillett, Chairman, Lenham Parish Council

Download the full document here


Maidstone Borough Local Plan (Reg 18) October 2015 will be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:

Start date: 02/10/15 00:01
End date: 30/10/15 17:00

Please select the following link to view this event:


Please find below a dropbox link which should take you to a folder containing the results of the Lenham Parish Ecological Scoping and Appraisal Report.

In the folder you will find:

·         The report

·         The results from the KMBRC data base search

·         The results from the Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group data base search


Draft Neighbourhood Plan
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  1. lesley

    The Maidstone planning portal says the decision date on the Goods Yard re-application/appeal [whatever it is] was last Friday. Might be sensible to go through and identify possible “anachronisms” before it is finalised.

  2. Michael Jerrett

    The appeal was granted permitting demolition of existing premises and development thereafter subject to final plans being submitted in the normal planning application manner thus allowing further opportunity for comment at a future date.
    Michael Jerrett – Chair, LPC Planning Committee

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