Cherry Downs Picnic Site LPC Announcements


Cherry Downs Picnic Site at Rayner’s Hill is nine acres of beautiful open area near Lenham for everyone to enjoy.

On entering the site from the top gate you will find an open area with some picnic tables. To the left is a small orchard, which was planted by residents of Lenham with guidance from the North Downs project. The trees are predominantly Morella Cherries, with some Sweet Cherries, Plums and Apple trees. Around the corner is a collection of Kentish Cobnut trees and going down the hill there is a wild flower meadow and an area of Downland grass.

Following the paths, you will find three exits out of the site. The bottom one leads onto the Pilgrims Way (or Downs Way).

Access to the picnic site is free. Please use the site whenever and as much as you wish.

Lenham Parish Council owns the picnic site and maintains it for the benefit of everyone. Please help us by taking your litter home with you and not allowing dogs to foul in the area.

Cherry Downs Picnic Site
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