Cemetery Rules & Fees Cemetery

Cemetery Fees

Purchased Grave £396
Interment £396
Headstone (up to a height of 3ft) £165
Kerbing £187
Cremated Ashes in existing grave £66

Cremated Ashes

Purchased Plot £132
Interment of ashes £66
Memorial tablet £66
Double fees apply if the deceased was not a resident of Lenham Parish.


The Clerk needs to designate the place of interment.

The headstone may not exceed 90cm (3ft) and the grave number must be clearly marked on the back of the headstone base. A photograph or picture can be placed on a headstone. There can be two photographs/pictures if the grave is a double plot. Photographs should be no larger than 10cm (4ins) square. Temporary markers must be removed when headstone is placed.

The Parish Council needs to agree with the design of the memorial, any inscription and photograph.

As a sign of respect towards other cemetery users we would like to ask you not to place any other memorabilia, statues, wind chimes, pictures, photographs or any other adornment other than flowers on the grave itself.
In high winds these items tend to be blown away and may end up on adjacent graves, which can be distressing to visitors.

Please arrange for floral tributes to be removed within 21 days after the funeral.
We reserve the right to remove faded or dirty plastic flowers and items other than floral tributes.

As the roots of trees and shrubs extend to nearby graves we cannot allow the planting of trees or shrubs, but you are welcome to place floral tributes on the graves and ashes section, but in the interest of public safety you must not use glass containers.

Please do not leave plastic water containers in the cemetery, there is a water supply in the south-east corner near the war grave section.

If you wish to donate a seat, or plant a tree, in memory of a beloved one, please contact the Clerk.

Cremated Ashes Section of the Cemetery

Unfortunately, we cannot reserve a specific plot.
Memorial tablets should not exceed 45cm (18ins) square
As we maintain the area you must not place chippings or pots around the tablets.
The cemetery is a place to mourn and contemplate. It must serve many people with different backgrounds. Therefore, it is important you follow these rules to respect other people’s needs for visual serenity andtranquility. We must remove any articles which do not comply with these rules as they may cause distress or offence to other visitors to the cemetery.


Clerk contact details 01622 859682 (Mon – Fri 9am – 1pm) or e-mail hello@lenhamparish.org.uk

Cemetery Rules & Fees
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