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North Ward Councillor Vacancy LPC Announcements, LPC General

VACANCY FOR A COUNCILLOR NORTH WARD Notice is hereby given of a vacancy, due to the resignation of the previous post holder and effective from 28th October 2019 on the Parish Council for a Parish Councillor (Lenham North Ward)   A bye-election to fill the vacancy will be held if, within fourteen days after the

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Lenham Parish Council Finance & General Purposes meeting 21st August 2019 LPC Announcements, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

REPORT OF THE FINANCE & GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE MEETING HELD IN THE COMMUNITY CENTRE ON WEDNESDAY 21st AUGUST 2019 AT 7.30pm ——————————————————————————————————————————————- Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding. Cllrs. M Ballard and N Osborne. Cllrs. J Britt & A Ratcliffe were also present. Mrs. M McFarlane. (Clerk & RFO) TO ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllrs. M

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Road Naming Policy LPC Announcements, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

ROAD NAMING POLICY Context Street Naming and Numbering is a statutory service which Maidstone Borough Council undertakes to issue and officially register postal addresses in the borough. The Borough Council has adopted the provisions of Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act 1925 which relates to the issue of street naming and alteration of street

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