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The role of the Lenham Parish Council (LPC) Planning Committee is to review all planning applications submitted in Lenham Parish, from small house extensions to large scale residential and commercial development, then provide an opinion to Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) on whether the LPC Planning Committee objects or does not object.  MBC is not bound by the LPC Planning Committee’s opinion but must consider it.

The LPC Planning Committee sits on the first and third Monday of every month (excluding bank holidays).  Each meeting begins with a period of public participation which lasts for half an hour.  This enables someone with a planning application to speak to the Committee to explain why it should support their plan.  Additionally, it allows opponents of planning applications to explain their views to the Committee.

So, it can be very beneficial to attend the meeting, not only as a singleton applicant but also if you are a developer wanting to build one or more houses or you are a parishioner concerned about any development.

All planning applications submitted in Maidstone Borough can be viewed on the MBC website.  As the Chairman of the LPC Planning Committee I would encourage you to use this facility to view any proposals for development within the Parish that you have an interest in.

The website is as follows:

The page allows you to:

Search for planning applications

Comment on any submitted applications

Obtain pre-application advice if you are planning on submitting an application

Obtain advice on listed buildings, trees, hedges and conservation areas

Planning Applications